fireplace (day 7)

i stare at the flame as it licks the log it spits and crackles fire fingers grasp my mind wanders to what may come to pass while i watch the wood burn to ash 1.7.17

day 3

waterlogged, i wake to kick the rain and punch the wind morning walk passes strewn christmas trees laying in wait for their untimely removal like fallen soldiers cast aside in their prime remnants of their multicolor brilliance fend off the drops of the persistent rain. 1.3.17

Selfie or Self Obsession? Part 1

Years ago, when I was a student a Maine College of Art, majoring in graphic design and photography, I became fascinated with a genre of art called the self-portrait. Back then, the phrase “selfie” was unheard of, instead, it was a self-portrait — a representation of one’s self, whether in paint, pencil…

Nurturing a Free-Spirited Child

On this Mother’s Day, I reflect on what is in many ways the hardest job in the world: raising a child. This day, Mother’s Day, honors that effort, for it is mothers that often have the most impact on a child’s future and they unfortunately many times have to do it alone….

The Elephant in the Room

Image adapted from this one. The other day I had a physical, a new occurrence actually since until this year I never had health insurance. I’m in good health thankfully so being self-employed it was never really a necessary expense. But now being the law I have it and since I do,…