Let Children Sing


Above: A chorus performance at the summer recital for the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Miami, Florida. My daughter Elsa is the third from the right. This summer my children had the opportunity to participate in an amazing performing arts summer camp held by the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center (AHCAC)….

How I Learned to Love Cooking


Above: Jars of colorful spices [image source] I love to cook. I love it so much that not only do I cook nearly every day, but it actually causes me discomfort to eat food I didn’t prepare. Crazy I know. I read about cooking, I watch videos and I write as much…

Year by Year


Above: Marcos & Karan watching the 2014 World Cup What a difference a year makes. Last night I was thinking back to where I was this time last year and realized how difference my life was then. A year ago today I was about to leave with my son on a 4-day…

Cultural Sporting


For Father’s Day we all went to see a professional baseball game, the Miami Marlins vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates. Ironically, for a person who doesn’t follow any sport and could care less about most sports in general, I have seen a surprisingly wide range of professional sporting events live. From a soccer…

The Positive Paradox


Recently things have been going, well, really good. After what felt like one drama after another, life has evened out and feels in balance. My husband Karan is here in the United States legally (in November his residency will be renewed to permanent status) and we moved to Miami like we had…