View From the Sky


On my flights to and from Florida and the Dominican Republic I took a series of photos from the plane.

10 Things

Colmado Bani, Ens. Ozama

Above: Colmado Bani, Ens. Ozama 10 Things I Like About the Dominican Republic Avocado season Mango season Fresh fruit and juice on the street corner Climate Colmados, especially Super Colmados — open 7 days a week from 7am – 11pm on average, colmados are like mini markets that deliver. Plus they offer…

The Lunchbox


So this story is an example of how it is the nature of Dominicans to deny responsibility no matter what. I don’t know if it is a survival instinct or just a part of the culture. I few years ago I was living in Gazcue with my children. I had a woman,…

The Butter Problem


Today we went to pick up a payment from one of my clients. It was a little bit far and time was tight so we decided we needed to take a car instead of a bus. A taxi would cost around 400 pesos or $12 round trip but one of Karan’s friend’s…

Christmas Party at the British Ambassador’s House


So now that I had successfully renewed my ‘marbete’ and my car was now legal to drive on the Dominican streets (or as one witty friend said in response to me saying I was being blonde for waiting so long to renew my plates, that I was now a ‘legal’ blonde). so…