day 3

waterlogged, i wake to kick the rain and punch the wind morning walk passes strewn christmas trees laying in wait for their untimely removal like fallen soldiers cast aside in their prime remnants of their multicolor brilliance fend off the drops of the persistent rain. 1.3.17

day 2

new year, new day rattles in work yells and stomps its feet while i move slowly into gear. 1.2.17

day 1

house holds the chill from yesterday while splashes of sun warm the grass i long to close my eyes again and dream of  days to come. 1.1.17


i am the burning red of stop before it turns to go i am the glass of wine pouring until overflows i am the moment of suspense answers yet unknown i am the dancer spinning upon bruised toes i am the siren wooing against the ebb and flow i am the dreamer…


day begins, with coffee black; clears the cloud, of peaceful slumber. dreams of what may come to pass, slow release of hurtful past; muscles tone as i flex, the possible still unchecked. night returns, its viral beat; pulse desire, through vivid sleep. 9.3.16 [Image Source]