day 139

ready to shift, unburden it all, converting the static into movement, catalyzing the force to journey on 5.19.17 [Image Source]

day 138

suspended in a liquid state i flow from this world to the next careful not to dive too far into the depths of dreams seaweed dances as i descend entwining my limbs in temptation to never emerge once more from its intoxication 5.18.17

day 137

moss canopy shades my walk as the sun vainly tried to shine through air is silent, heavy with future heat, coating my skin in slick moisture while legions of insects stand by, ready to feed 5.17.17 Image © Eliza Alys Young

day 136

night unwraps its shroud to reveal the glint of sun waking me with bewilderment from deeply layered sleep amongst lush flora overgrowing the presence of man while wild beasts mingle free 5.16.17 [Image Source]

day 135

coddled by the comfort of my familiar bed i rejuvenate, casting off the incepid cloak of exhaustion, for a lighter wrap of slightly weary 5.15.17