arise (day 85)

darkness engulfed the beauty of the light; despairing its loss, some abandoned hope, others colluded with the night, while a few held true the beautiful remained, deeply hidden from view awaiting its time to shine once again thus the few were not startled when its brilliance burst forth their hearts remained open…

day 84

sleep still possesses me as i obligingly take my walk; like a fugitive it escaped, for hours in the night while i wrestled with bed covers, helplessly trying to recapture night’s elusive slumber. at last it returned unannounced, slipping in like a hand in a pocket, pulling me deep into dream’s abyss…

my child (day 83)

i grew you through deep desire from belly to breast cherishing your fragility you clung to me while i kissed your tears embraced your misgivings with my unending love you taught me to dream in the daytime, play without purpose, marvel at ordinary things now you are walking with true intent, speaking…

day 82

accompany me while i journey through the indigo of solitude squid ink of darkest dark sing to me your summer lullabye of sun-warmed breezes caressing my skin 3.23.17

day 81

grow beside me I say let our roots intertwine our trunks straight and strong our branches spread free i will not envy the shine in your leaves you need not covet the fruit I may bear for we both can be majestic within the love that we share… 3.22.17