time (day 229)

time becomes my secret lover as i contemplate the clock ticking on throughout the hours consoling me in the dark time is in a constant hover of what i may or may not do so jealous, time, reminding me challenges that can ensue if time is bound by another waiting is a…

day 228

hidden moon, i feel your pull to don the mask; join the dance with dreams that masquerade the night, feelings hide behind jester smiles, all revealing their animal sides; questions poise on pointed toes so we spin unknowing where it will go… 8.15.17

day 227

i meander a hall with too many doors opening and closing, casting shadows, revealing light. i speak, words echo in the chambers, voice sounds hard when it feels soft. i remain, quiet for a while. 8.15.17

day 226

discontent lingers in the unmade bed of the weary self; the wine un-drunk. or dinner delayed, my gestures unmatched to the weight of your expectations. 8.14.17

day 225

an interloper, i enter like a warrior without her weapons i’m surrounded by all so very unfamiliar, shapes and shadows, that jar my uneasy breath until i am reminded by what i’ve come to trust. 8.13.17