day 20

my mind is full of willowwacks where fairies play and flowers grow it’s where i go when all is not as it seems to find comfort in the darkened woods the sturdy trees and the cracks of sun pushing through the leaves 1.20.17

day 19

i continue to… drive for nothing wait for no one wast my time the road continues with its twists and turns 1.19.17

day 18

sliding doors to empty rooms double mirrors to trick the view tremors of the yet to be i plant my roots and grow above to survey the scene 1.18.17

day 17

wake in the dark then shock of light feel translucent paper thin coffee brews to fortify muscles move without force eyes remain open on their own thus, i embark 1.17.17

day 16

punchy from restless sleep to punching the water today i surpass, learn to be, stronger than i thought i was but tonight, i sleep deep 1.16.17