day 309

sparkled by their swagger i flutter my winds and hover waiting for the nectar of love’s true intentions to flow… 11.5.17

day 308

climb the ladder of my aspirations fill my lungs with potential to come life is just swirling in concert around me i quiet my thoughts ’til the song becomes clear 11.14.17

day 307

some mornings i sip coffee on others tea depending on how awake i wish to be 11.3.17

day 306

my world is a menagerie of fantasy and fact creative mind colors a life that’s white or black over time my day dreams nourish what i lack soon all desired i’m able to attrack 11.2.17

day 305

words perch lightly spread like branches from a tree of thought i let them settle, to consider their place amongst the phrases i intend to write. 11.1.17