slumber (day 79)

as i wake the dream state slips off me like a negligĂ©e i squint so my eyes can adjust to the bright as my surroundings slowly come into focus how i wish i could linger a bit more in the place of infinite possibility with soft edges and warm colors where no…

day 78

law of attraction seeming as such, those that we like don’t like us as much those we would rather not see again pursue us unless put to an end and so it must pass this to and fro until we both know it be so. 3.19.17 [Image Source]

return (day 77)

spring has finally returned a host absent from its own party birds celebrate once again flowers open to the sun filling the atmosphere with their fragrance all seems possible once more 3.18.17 [Image Source]

green irony (day 76)

on this day of green people adorn in emerald, lime and kelly; they gather for green beer poured into green mugs, green cake sliced with green frosting, or corned beef simmering with green cabbage. symbolic shamrocks are stamped, printed or tattooed as a sign of allegiance to an unknown cause, when really…

day 75

the cold still lingers like an unwelcome stranger an interloper crashing the party of the expected spring its stay, though brief is resented nonetheless by all in celebration of a new season’s promises 3.16.17