day 234

tongue tied whiskey wild i’ve imbibed to heal my throat apply a coat of slippery sleep i fall in deep. 8.22.17

solar eclipse (day 233)

the moon, gentle servant of the sun, emerges from its quarters, submissive, it pulls the tide, directs the ocean’s flow with dark, feminine energy. the sun, dominant in its heat, master of all, with power to burn, is the potent male, fierce warrior who rules us all with its consistent light. ah,…

day 232

like the grain of sand which chafes the oyster, i have become accustomed to the discomfort of change; enveloped in the unfamiliar, i must learn to grow in different soil. 8.20.17

day 231

i open to the innocence before me traveling together to destinations unseen, allowing questions unanswered to linger, as the wheels spin on the track, the train shakes with the speed, carrying us onward with the thrust of the moment… 8.19.17

day 230

as the sun rises from its rest then settles back into slumber, or the tides ebb back for flow forward, seasons slip into one another, cycles revolving in continual motion… so i wait for the pendulum to swing in my direction, feelings its force upon me; honoring the flux of life. 8.18.17