day 75

the cold still lingers like an unwelcome stranger an interloper crashing the party of the expected spring its stay, though brief is resented nonetheless by all in celebration of a new season’s promises 3.16.17

ides of march (day 74)

the ides of march cold snaps it’s whip and we fall in line zippers zipped and hands tucked tight we brace for what must be withstood 3.15.17

sleepy hollow (day 73)

morning walk has become a forgotten scene from sleepy hollow as i make my way in the dark with trees looming overhead always on the verge of stumble unable to see the path before me in anticipation of light like a late arriving lover whom you don’t question the reasons for delay…

daylight (day 72)

time change leaves me sleep deprived i resent the darkness greeting me as i awake from too short a sleep to days of being out of step feeling like you’ve missed the bus i welcome light but not this way a thief of time and natural flow this daylight has too high…

day 71

i feel the sting from needle clusters their penetration decorates my form muscles tense with each little bite ink swells my flesh while sinking in with every nipping pass tattoo embellishes merging its colors into my own 3.12.17