day 219

i dare to dream of future plans like peter pan dared to fly; so as my mind ponders grand, i cross my heart and hope to die for promises i will not break, or feelings i will not fake; instead i’ll walk this winding path of hopeful talk, love that lasts 8.7.17

day 218

sleeping beauty, i await to rise from her chamber brushing sleep from her eyes, awaken bright from slumber. together, we journey forth seeking all we hope to find, return with treasures full and pockets now lightly lined. 8.6.17

day 217

my womb aches from future children i will never bear, feeling punished for unfulfilled, its disdain torments me in this change into the next phase of my plentiful life. 8.5.17 [Image Source]

day 216

forgotten sun, we miss your light just heat remains in the fog to weigh us down, slow our pace subdued, i rise amongst the mist portent of rain that longs to fall a baptismal of the sodden earth 8.4.17

day 215

adventures of the traveling son eager to leave the nest soon since you have come rising after little rest i let you go; send my love until you long for home a place you’ll always be part of no matter where you roam 8.3.17