some love

some love is a race a freight train running late, an s.o.s., scarlet sky requesting a kiss one is powerless to deny. some love brews low till it bubbles in time seasoned with knowing crimson dew. 3.20.02 © Eliza Alys Young


i know i see the sky it empties out of me its denim blue bleaches out and becomes the afternoon. i sprinkle it with fallen ash gray and somber now the clever breeze whistles through announcing twilight time. the darkness softly calls to retrieve the waning sun the breath of heat burns…

Chickpea Curry

Above: Chickpea Curry with White Rice and Greek Yogurt Chickpea Curry   Print Prep time 30 mins Cook time 45 mins Total time 1 hour 15 mins   For this recipe, you need to use dried chickpeas because they are cooked with the spices. Canned chickpeas will not have the same taste….


i grew the wings from missing you so soft and downy white i gave them strength to fly to you from all my lonely nights. my wingspan stretched across the sky breadth of golden eagles extended out i took the air with the love of angels. so delicate enfolding you cocoon of…

View From the Sky

On my flights to and from Florida and the Dominican Republic I took a series of photos from the plane.