day 289

thrill of potential connection, interlocking aspirations, our pulses resonate in hopes of unity. 10.16.17 [Image Source]

day 288

resplendent morning greets my deeply rested self; stretching long into the day i raise my crown to the sky, press my toes into the earth, extend my arms up high. 10.15.17 [Image Source]

day 287

summer remains in full potency rejecting the advance  of cool expected in fall sitting unshielded, the heat bears down, my skin crisps; i retreat to the shade to regain my strength. 10.14.17

day 286

feeling fractured, separate slivers spreading far, magnets pulling me apart with their urgency breathe to anchor before i spin out again 10.13.17

day 285

gentleness that parts lips into a smile, a river sharing with a stream softness which opens ones heart to the new, bird’s wings spreading to the sky lightness that lifts me closer to you 10.12.17 [Image Source]