day 44

pink azaleas bloom by a ramshackle home a vibrant burst among decay sky streaked in pink and yellow stretches of cotton candy golden orb, the sun ascends above the shallow marsh 2.13.17

day 43

lackluster i feel like second hand shoes stuck playing a game that ends in a ruse each turn that i take leaves me confused 2.12.17

day 42

whisper to me of what you dare not dream feed my ear with thoughts of serpentines one day we’ll wrestle for each other’s love but now we struggle with intensity unclothed 2.11.17

day 41

cold winter sun i hasten eager to return to the warmth of home thoughts congeal around you weighing the potential waiting to form 2.10.17 [Image Source]

day 40

outside i’m strong muscle and bone yet still i long at times to crumble inside i feel wafer thin strips of cellophane blowing in the wind waiting to be gathered in a confident hold constant and true passion unfolds from the spark of connection. 2.9.17