day 98

in the whirling of needs and desires we are like playing cards tossed in the wind falling mismatched; so we toss again until in sheer randomness two of a kind may fall close enough to pair up. 4.8.17

wings (day 97)

wings of scarlet spread wide i hover over my intentions, following their flight, until i summon you 4.7.17

fury (day 96)

in the night it raged wind swirled, thunder clapped sky lit up in quick flashes of light like a cosmic disco dance in the morning, its anger lay strewn about with broken limbs, dredges of leaves while gusts of wind remind me of the fury above the earth 4.6.17

fairytales (day 95)

i pass a house on my walk so quaint and full of bliss i wonder if asleep inside princesses await love’s true kiss outside, i spy a baby’s bed where purple flowers bloom enchanted place for fairy play a magical bedroom as a child, i built them homes nestled under groves of…

day 94

sprinkler spraying waterlogged grass pounded by rain from the night before the day stays dark like perpetual dusk and the trees sink a little with soggy leaves all is a little bit blacker today as we brace for more remnants of the passing storm 4.4.17