Fleeting Fears of Fragility


As I snuggle next to my newly turned five year old daughter I have a feeling of fear pass through me because I know I am soon to leave her for a couple of weeks. There is no reason for this fear, it is just that she seems so delicate and fragile…

It is a Marathon Not a Sprint


My seventh trip to the DR in the last year will embark in just over two weeks. This time there is no fan fare,  no expectations. Don’t worry, our relationship has not cooled, we have not grown apart, we have just come to realize that it is a marathon not a sprint….

Life on High-Definition Video

Dominican Republic carnival

Above: Dominican Republic carnival When I know I’m leaving for Santo Domingo, at first I feel a panic. Of course I’m thrilled to see Karan. I have no fears of his feelings; I know I will not e disappointed. But to leave my kids is hard. They are still so young, so…

Day Trip to Boca Chica

Sunday we took a day trip to Boca Chica, the closest beach town to Santo Domingo. We didn’t go for swimming, too crowded on a Sunday, just to get some fresh air, fried fish and sit at a table on the beach with a few beers and relax. From our house we…

Tsunami Overshadow

Screenshot from the movie "Hereafter"

Above: Screenshot from the movie “Hereafter” Well here I am at the Orlando airport. The trip down was easy breezy. I so love that I have a car. I made it down in less than 2 1/2 hours. Plenty of time to spare. I found a deal on parking, $4/day only 2…