It is a Marathon Not a Sprint


My seventh trip to the DR in the last year will embark in just over two weeks. This time there is no fan fare,  no expectations. Don’t worry, our relationship has not cooled, we have not grown apart, we have just come to realize that it is a marathon not a sprint….

Our (not so) Little Secret

We have a secret, a not so little secret — Karan’s family does not know about our relationship, at least not officially. Yes, it has been two years, but before you can understand why they don’t know, I need to tell you the backstory. Karan, as you know, is from India, not…

Rama & Sita


I have been reading a lot about Hinduism of late. Perhaps it’s a way of searching for faith during a difficult time and perhaps it is a way to learn more about my true love while we are apart. All I know is that it give me peace to learn. Rama is…

Tapestry of Love


When I love someone the way I love Karan, I need to express it in a creative form. Six months into our relationship, when I realized that Karan was really the man I had hoped him to be, I decided to make him a tapestry of his favorite Hindu god: Rama. What…

Holding Down the Fort


Above: My high energy kids playing. No down time for me… It’s been nearly a month since I’ve returned from Santo Domingo. I came back late on March 24th and the next day was the beginning of Spring Break for my kids. Dive in… Three days after I got back my mom…