In the moment… Zen and the Dominican Republic

We never have control, it is an illusion, but in countries like the United States, the illusion is a powerful one. To be fully free of the illusion of control, to see the little man behind the curtain posing as the wizard, is an incredibly liberating experience.

Come and live in the Dominican Republic for a few years, without all the comforts of a fully developed nation and you too will be liberated.

Don’t get me wrong — it can be maddening, frustrating, massively irritating at times. You will feel like kicking and screaming, throwing a tantrum, which is exactly what my 4-year old does when he feels he has no control. Life is primal here; you have no choice but to regress.

The only way to live here is in the moment. You can not plan because nothing will go according to plan. Plans will be ignored, diverted, sabotaged. You can not prepare because all your preparations will be for naught. You can only be, in the here and the now, in the moment.

So when you are stuck in a situation not of your making, no matter how frustrating it is, just breathe and go within. Let go and just be.

This is the zen of the Dominican Republic and I for one am grateful.

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