Pistachio-Parsley Broiled Fish
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 15 mins
Total time: 20 mins
This is an easy dish that's light and delicious. Wonderful to enjoy for summer.
  • ¼ c chopped unsalted pistachios
  • ½ c minced parsley
  • ¼ c grated parmesagn
  • ¼ c panko crumbs
  • 2 tbsp pistachio oil (available in specialty oil section or substitute extra virgin olive oil)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 4 white fish filets (flounder, swai, sea bass all work well)
  1. drizzle a ½ tbsp of oil on the bottom of a baking dish big enough to comfortably hold the 4 filets without crowding
  2. place filets in the dish and dust with salt and pepper and drizzle ½ tbsp of oil over the filets.
  3. in a bowl, combine the first 4 ingredients plus 1 tbsp of the oil. mix well and spoon over the fish. broil at 425 for 10-15 minutes or until fish is cooked but not dry.
this would also be tasty with walnuts and basil.
Recipe by Amor y Sabor at http://amorysabor.com/pistachio-parsley-broiled-fish/